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I need to do my make up more often because it always makes me feel so good. Today was a good day:)
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middle-children-of-history asked:

a few times a year is an interesting amount of time to masturbate .i mean i'd imagine you'd never do it, or do it every month at least. i suppose you just feel like the only girl who hardly masturbates because people are vocal about it when they do it so like, you see heaps of posts about it.

That’s exactly why I feel that way. I’ve seen probably 10 different girls who have said they masturbate almost everyday and even sometimes multiple times a day. I’m just thinking, WHAT?! Lol I have to have someone touching me for me to be turned on. It’s the anticipation that does it for me. Im definitely more of a submissive. Ill masturbate to my boyfriends dirty pictures he sends me but seriously, that’s MAYBE once every 6 months or so. I don’t know man, it’s just not my thing. Lol I also have sex with my boyfriend about every other day so I’m sexually satisfied for sure. If I didn’t have him I’d probably masturbate more often, but even then idk.

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Make up of the day💜💖
I actually took time on my make up today:)
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